Our hope is that we are intentional about saying “all are welcome” and really meaning that.


—  Belong in community—


Community Baptist Church is a community of worship, prayer, fellowship, service and celebration. We are a vital and diverse community of faith,
coming from many different backgrounds, but unified in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We invite you to be part of our family of faith, all are welcome.



It is our hope that “all are welcome” is not just a slogan we use on our signs and publications.
We want these words to summarize the impact and meaning of what defines our life together in community as a family of faith. “All” is not limited to a select few. It does not describe only the people we might have the most in common with. NO, we are ALL children of God, and we want to connect with, care for and learn from ALL of God’s children—and that includes you.

You “ARE”. Hey, you exist! That puts you on the same plane as many, many people who have found community with God, the Great I Am. As we introduce or describe ourselves, we often start by saying, “I am…” We need to be challenged to remember, “Who said that first?” God did.

You are “WELCOME”. We want to do much more than offer a polite invitation for your attendance. The welcome we want to extend is for your involvement. Come be a part of this family of faith, and participate in our life together. We welcome the image of God you bear. We welcome the gifts you bring with you to share. We welcome the leadership that God blesses you to offer.